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The Latest In R&D Credit Technology

Manage your clients’ R&D Claims with ease.

Efficient. Effective. built for you.

RDDash Streamlines the claims process with a complete solution supporting R&D tax credits, Grants, Business Finance, and more.

Enjoy a user-friendly interface and secure customer access for easy claim updates and document transfer. Take your R&D claims to new heights with RDDASH

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Frequently Asked Questions By Clients!

RD Dash is not a CRM.

RDDash is a platform designed to help accountants and Tax experts manage their clients R&D claims and financial incentives.

The R&D Dashboard provides a comprehensive solution for managing R&D claims, including automated calculation of eligible R&D tax credits, tracking of claim progress, and document management. The platform also offers a customer portal for easy access to claim updates and secure document transfer for your clients.


Yes, the R&D Dashboard is designed with a modern, user-friendly interface to make it easy for R&D Tax Accountants to manage their customers and claims.


RDDash is an essential tool for managing R&D claims and financial incentives, enabling accountants, tax specialists, and tax advisors to provide their clients with a comprehensive solution for managing their claims. The platform offers features like real-time updates on claim progress, secure file uploading, and a customer portal for self-service access to claim updates.


Yes, RDDash is designed to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small accounting firms to large corporations. Its customizable features make it an ideal solution for individual business needs and processes.


We currently intergrate in to Companies house and are working on directly intergrating with Xero, and Quickbooks


Yes, we can discuss White Labeling and also custom fuctions in to your instance.


Latest Pricing List

From solo tax experts to large accounting firms,  RD Dash is the go-to solution for streamlining R&D claims management.



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